The Pisces’ Forecast


Hello Pisces,


A new journey has kicked off recently and rather suddenly causing you to feel like you must juggle a lot of plates in the air. Most likely this journey reaped minor, yet beneficial successes causing you to get over-confident resulting in an unpleasant instance that resulted in a wake-up call for the ego. You were left asking yourself: ‘What do I really want?’ ‘What do I think is actually worth doing?’


Pisces are lucky because the collective consciousness is already experiencing a wave of manifestation energy. This energy will fall right into Neptune this month and Pisces will reap the extra benefit.

There will be great opportunities for you this month, perhaps so much that it will leave you feeling the inability to choose. Do you leave what you know behind in order to pursue something else? Or do you keep what you have? Don’t hesitate too long, because the wind can only blow the door of opportunity open for so long. This opportunity may present itself in the form of a travel opportunity, career opportunity, or the moving of homes. Make your decision by weighing your options and by abiding by your personal moral code and character. If you choose to take this journey, make sure to stay grounded and balanced, because at first you will think that your work is getting you nowhere, but if you preserve it will lead you to fruitfulness. Pisces are intuitive so follow your intuition. It will always lead you down the right path. Just have faith and trust in yourself. Your natural wisdom will show you the way.


If you’re not careful and fail to disregard your intuition or put your trusting nature in the wrong hands, then you will experience struggle, but hold your ground! – Because success is on the other side of this. Choose to go within yourself as you already have the answers – always remember that there is always more than one way out. By doing this you will make solid gains in your life.

Love and Light,


Card Deck: Universal Rider-Waite

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The Mystic Rainn

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