Oracle – Walk Away


Sometimes the hardest things for us to do is to walk away, but this guidance exists inside the inner wisdom of all of us. A lot of life’s stresses is others bringing the drama to us when the only thing we wanted to do is get through the day, but sometimes it’s brave to look at these kinds a situations as lessons to be learned instead of nuisances. Walking away from a conflict is a sign of strength, not a sign of weakness.

If you have come across this post today, know that there is nothing to be gained by fighting in this instance. The Universe has placed this obstacle in your path, not to test you, but to help you learn and grow. It’s okay to walk away and bless everyone behind you.

Love and Light,


Card Deck: Angels, Gods, and Goddesses by Toni Carmine Salerno

Food for Thought – The Importance of Black People in Tarot

I was so excited to find myself a beautifully melanated deck of Tarot cards. When I first started reading Tarot, I found myself annoyed with the lack of diversity. I was so aggravated in fact that I found a brown colored pencil and started coloring things in. I still was unsatisfied, because it felt ‘unauthentic’ and went out to purchase some decks. Next thing I knew I was swimming in a sea of Tarot and Oracle decks, because I was so obsessed with finding one black person! I came across the Vision Quest tarot deck and used that for a while because it had Native Americans and it was, ‘as close as I could get,’ but I still couldn’t relate to the deck. When you can’t relate to the deck you are learning with I feel that it makes development more challenging and time consuming. How could I relate to the struggles of Becky with blonde hair and blue eyes when I was a black woman with nappy hair from New York?

We are making strides in the world, but we are still behind and the New Age and Tarot communities. Out of all of the decks out there, this is the only fully melanated deck I’ve seen our heard about. It’s important for decks to show people of all shapes, colors, and sizes. If I can’t relate to the decks, how do I expect my clients to relate to their readings? img_2763

Card Deck: Ghetto Tarot by Alice Smeets

Alice Smeets does an amazing job in capturing the beauty of Haitian faces in her photography.

Oracle – True Love


Hello Warrior,

You must nurture your inner self in order for your Spirit to grow. You are the Gardener and you must nurture your own seeds. By taking the time to look within, you become one with yourself. You never see matter in nature rush – a tree takes hundreds of years to grow. You cannot relish the fruit without waiting patiently for the seed to produce a tree.

This card has been drawn today to remind you that finding a good relationship is less about what us happening in the physical world and more about what is happening to you personally. You must tend to yourself, nurture yourself, and allow yourself to grow. This process will help teach you to love every part of yourself, which will then attract a partner. The Divine Masculine reminds you that you are not weak for needing to nurture yourself, or for being in touch with your sensitive side. Review the ways you are too hard on yourself and learn to love those areas. It is after this acceptance that you will find love.

Love and Light,



Card Deck: True Love Reading Cards by BelindaGrace

Daily Tarot

I read tarot not in the hopes that everyone will read it or come to me, but in the hopes that the one person that is in desperate need of a message will find it. It is because of this reason that messages like the one that has come up today is so meaningful.


You are on a new pursuit and it’s going to go well. You’ve got nothing but luck and cosmic energy behind you and if channeled correctly you will go far. Prepare yourself, as things will happen rapidly. You’re new passions and pursuits will manifest.

Food for Thought

We live in a world of infinite potentialities, unlimited choices, and endless possibilities. Don’t believe me? If you got out of bed today then you made a choice. I hear your voice. ‘But Rainn, I had to go to work today or I had to go to school.’ That may be the case, but you still made a choice. You could have made a decision not to go – although probably a bad choice, it’s still a choice. You chose to brush your teeth. You chose to eat. And most importantly you chose to live. We sometimes feel helpless – like we are stuck doing the motions that society mandates that we do, but we do have the ability to break free of the chains that bind us. It is just up to us to decide if we are willing to take the first step – to make the choice to be courageous.

Love and Light,


The Pisces’ Forecast


Hello Pisces,


A new journey has kicked off recently and rather suddenly causing you to feel like you must juggle a lot of plates in the air. Most likely this journey reaped minor, yet beneficial successes causing you to get over-confident resulting in an unpleasant instance that resulted in a wake-up call for the ego. You were left asking yourself: ‘What do I really want?’ ‘What do I think is actually worth doing?’


Pisces are lucky because the collective consciousness is already experiencing a wave of manifestation energy. This energy will fall right into Neptune this month and Pisces will reap the extra benefit.

There will be great opportunities for you this month, perhaps so much that it will leave you feeling the inability to choose. Do you leave what you know behind in order to pursue something else? Or do you keep what you have? Don’t hesitate too long, because the wind can only blow the door of opportunity open for so long. This opportunity may present itself in the form of a travel opportunity, career opportunity, or the moving of homes. Make your decision by weighing your options and by abiding by your personal moral code and character. If you choose to take this journey, make sure to stay grounded and balanced, because at first you will think that your work is getting you nowhere, but if you preserve it will lead you to fruitfulness. Pisces are intuitive so follow your intuition. It will always lead you down the right path. Just have faith and trust in yourself. Your natural wisdom will show you the way.


If you’re not careful and fail to disregard your intuition or put your trusting nature in the wrong hands, then you will experience struggle, but hold your ground! – Because success is on the other side of this. Choose to go within yourself as you already have the answers – always remember that there is always more than one way out. By doing this you will make solid gains in your life.

Love and Light,


Card Deck: Universal Rider-Waite

The Fool’s Journey – The Magician (I)


The Magician is about will and the power to manipulate. It contains the magical energy of the universe. Simply put, he has a lot to offer. The Magician shows the connection between Spirit and Earth, as we are all children of the Universe on an infinite journey, which is represented by the infinity symbol.

The color red represents your will and desire with white being the color of purity. This is reminding you to be pure of heart and intention when you are manifesting.

The Magician is showing you that you have all the tools necessary to be successful and to thrive during this lifetime. He has the pentacles, cup, wand, and sword, which represent the four elements: earth, water, fire, and air.

We are in possession of all the tools we need for this life, but it is up to you to choose between sake of self and sake of self to share.

Choose the latter and you are bound to inspire, be magnificent, and to lead. The Universe will assist you.

Love and Light,



Card Deck: Universal Rider-Waite

The Fool’s Journey – The Fool (0)


Tarot is the documentation of the Fool’s Journey. We are the Fool. It journals the ups and downs of life and forecasts the path that we all must take in order to reach our most highest of selves.

The Fool is the beginning – zero is the number of infinite potential. He is at the beginning of his journey – he stands at the precipice. He is Spirit before his physical birth.

He holds a white rose, the rose of purity, innocence, and perfection. We are all perfect and have a gift to bring into the world; however, the stems on the rose symbolize that understanding our perfection will be a painful process.

The dog symbolizes the carnal aspect of humans. We are dualistic – both divine and animalistic driven by instinctual urges. We must make friends with our animal side, the ego. But be mindful! If not prepared, that animal can turn your life upside down.

He carries a knapsack filled with memories of past lives and tools needed for the life and journey that is about to begin. He tells us that we already carry the tools we need to get through life so try not to over-analyze and always trust.

Live your life the best you can. What it means to spiritual is to be alive.

Love and Light,


Card Deck: Universal Rider-Waite

Daily Tarot



You have recently or will soon discover a new passion in your life concerning commerce, trade, negotiations, or writing. The Ace of Wands marks the beginning of a new journey you will venture in relation to this passion. The Eight of Coins shows a tradesman busy laboring over his work. He shows you the importance of dedication and focus. You must concentrate and be diligent in order for your idea to prosper. When you succeed there will be an unexpected meeting or circumstance that will change your course of direction for the better.

Love and Light,



Card Deck: Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti

Oracle – Angels, Gods and Goddesses


Hello Warrior,

You have been toying with an idea or a new goal prospect, whether it is career-wise, academic, or something for personal development.  You’ve been rather excited about this idea, but have been slightly worried about how others will receive it. The Angels have spoken and are here now to let you know that you have come into a new energy, one that will assist you in your journey and that your internal fear is fruitless.

The Angel of Manifestation was the first card pulled. This is a simple ‘yes’ to your question. Whatever it is that you have your heart set on will come to fruition.

The Goddess of Nature suggests that you will naturally get what it is that you work towards. It is classic natural law: ask and you shall receive.

You have already been given the energy of manifestation, but be wise and use it properly! The Angel of Communication is reminding you to be passionate about your ideas and to speak up when it comes to your beliefs. Be courageous enough to follow your goal no matter what you think others may say. Persevere and push past the ignorance.

If you feel that you have already been actively pursuing your goal and have reached a point of stagnation, then the Angel of the Universe encourages you to alter your thinking. We often times get so consumed with the minute details and fail to observe the greater picture. We operate within a universe of infinite space and potential, which means there is always more than one way to solve a problem. Take a second and meditate on alternative possibilities. If you feel like all the roads in front of you are blocked – book a flight.

Love and Light,


Card Deck: Angels, Gods and Goddesses by Toni Carmin Salerno