How Do You Measure Progress?

How do you measure progress outside of the systematic approach of institutionalized education?

How do you establish your worth and value, when your teachers can shit on your dreams because they had a bad day?

Why do we expect ourselves to conform to an outdated belief system and way of life?

We are allowing our self-esteem to be influenced by the destructive ways of society and the powers that be, instead of recognising that they don’t hold any powers over us if we choose not to play the game.

Generations before us led a life based on greed, violence, and dishonesty; however, we can make the conscious decision to put a stop to it. This does not require a mass revolution. All that is required is that each of us wake up every day and choose a life led by integrity.

We are seeking approval by those that have misdirected dignity and no integrity or honest character and have given them permission to make us feel bad about aspects of ourselves that we shouldn’t feel bad about.

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Daily Tarot


If you have stumbled across this post today, then you have been carrying sadness in your heart. You are nearing the end of that journey and there are good times ahead. There will soon be an exchange for you that will help to relight your fire and passion. It will spark inspiration and motivation that will propel you forward on your path. This will ultimately contribute to a success for you resulting in celebration and happiness adding joy to your life.

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Card Deck: Vanessa Tarot by Lynyrd Narciso